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How does ActiveFit minimize the potential for rusting?

ActiveFit uses galvanized steel piping for its construction, powder primer, and finally coated, using the most advanced polyester powder coating pre-treatments and applications. This combination results in strong protection against the environmental challenge of Canadian weather and reduces (does not eliminate) rust-creep when product is vandalized by scratching.

What are the primary materials used in ActiveFit construction?

  • Primary structural (main frame) materials are 3.0″ (0.12 wall) and 5.0″ (0.186″ wall) OD.
  • Secondary structural (sub-frame) materials are 1.66″ (0.12 wall) and 2.375″ (0.134 wall) OD
  • Handles are 1.66″ (0.12 wall) OD
  • Foot, back and seat rests are 3/4” High-Density Polyethylene. Foot Rests are designed to prevent slippage.
  • All exposed fasteners are stainless steel.
  • Bushings are self-lubricating, Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Propylene (UHMWPP)
  • Main Pivot points consist of a 0.62” to 1.18” OD solid stainless-steel shaft.

Is there a regulation or industry standard governing the design, manufacturing and installation of fitness equipment?

No. Well at least not yet in Canada. However, as an industry standard we have adopted the use of ASTM-F3101 as the standard specifications for the design, manufacturing and installation of outdoor fitness equipment.

What about user privacy?

Consider the appropriate use of soft landscape materials to provide some privacy between fitness stations and/or groups of fitness stations. Some users prefer the fitness stations to be placed in groups to allow for social interaction.

What consideration should be given to the ratio of cardio and resistance units?

Several different factors should be considered when determining what equipment to include in your site. Financial budget, physical space, dual use units and muscle groups are important factors. However, a general rule is to have an equal amount of primarily cardio and primarily resistance units.

What is the minimum recommended distance between each unit?

We recommend that the minimum clearance space, outside of the training envelope for each piece of outdoor fitness equipment be at least 900 mm (36 in.) in width. Please check installation requirements for more information.

Is sub-surface aggregate Drainage Layer required?

Adequate drainage should always be considered when designing a site. Best practice is to always install at least a 3.0″ layer of ¾” clear aggregate under each fitness unit before installation of the final surface. Use ¼” limestone screenings to obtain final level when a solid surface is to be used.

What type of safety surfacing are considered acceptable for accessibility?

Engineered Wood Fiber, Artificial Turf and Uniflex are all considered acceptable surfaces.

Is my site required to have safety surface for fall protection?

Fall height is usually defined as the distance between the highest part of the equipment and the surface below. There are some general exception to this rule that may apply. For Example, equipment where the user assumes a vertical standing position on the ground or a sitting position with feet touching the ground during the equipment’s intended use usually have no fall height requirements. However, please ensure that all safety surfacing is compliant with laws and regulations in the area in which you live.

What fasteners are recommended when mounting to concrete?

Depending on the unit, you will need either 3 or 6, Ø5/8” x 5” sleeve anchors with a 5/8” Nut.

Where can I find installation information?

Click Here for installation details.

What base mount option(s) are recommended by ActiveFit equipment?

We recommend mounting the equipment on a concrete pad if there are no fall height requirements.  However, there are concrete footing mount options for sites with no access to concrete pads or that require safety surfacing.

What are the maintenance requirements?

ActiveFit equipment is designed for minimal maintenance. However, since most equipment is installed in unsupervised outdoor spaces, we recommend that all equipment is routinely checked for breakdown and misuse.

What is the warranty for ActiveFit equipment?

ActiveFit is backed by a comprehensive warranty with few exclusions. This warranty is supplied by a company that has been several decades in the manufacture of commercial playground equipment and therefore knows the industry and its requirements. Click Here for additional warranty details.