ActiveFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment for all Ages!
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ActiveFit! Outdoor Fitness Equipment

We offer one of the largest selections of outdoor fitness equipment by a Canadian Manufacturer for the Canadian market. Offering customizable combination units & complete workout packages. ActiveFit designs, manufactures and installs turnkey outdoor fitness equipment solutions in parks and other facilities from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

Putting ActiveFit! units in your public park is sure to encourage outdoor fitness in your community! Contact us for more details!

We at ActiveFit!  believe that play is the best exercise and with over 20 years of experience manufacturing outdoor equipment we have now created a new line of outdoor fitness equipment that is durable and elegant; making it easy for adults of all ages to come together and exercise.

Our outdoor fitness equipment uses body weight as resistance, be prepared to experience a great work out in all of these areas:

  • Stretch / Warm up
  • Cardiovascular / Aerobic
  • Muscle / Core Strength
  • Endurance / Power
  • Balance / Coordination
  • Flexibility / Meditation

Imagine the healthy effect of working out in the great outdoors - no membership required!

ActiveFit! outdoor fitness equipment makes it possible to work out and breathe in the fresh air at the same time.

Fresh air and Fitness - That is ActiveFit!


Friends, Fun & Fitness

Inspiring communities to engage in healthy active living through outdoor fitness. Invite a friend, have fun and enjoy fitness with ActiveFit!

Places for ActiveFit!

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Conservation Areas
  • Walking Trails
  • RV Parks
  • School Yards
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Senior Communities
  • Golf Courses
  • Playgrounds
  • Hospital Grounds
  • Any Public Space!

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